Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is Sprung and A Giveaway

Thank goodness Spring is arriving here in TN. It has been a long cold winter. Everyone is in good spirits just getting to see some sunshine. I have let my desk pile up this week just to get outside and do some early gardening and landscape cleanup. It does the soul good to work in the soil, clean out flower beds, and see nature come back to life. I planted some peas, spinach and strawberry plants and started seeds in flats in the greenhouse. Our first foal was born 2 weeks ago and the second one came last weekend. I could stay outside ALL DAY if it were feasible.
Now for the TRIPLE GIVEAWAY. Isabel from Maison Douce is celebrating her 100th post with three wonderful giveaway choices. If you are not a follower of her blog, you will be delighted when you go there. (I don't know how to do a link to her blog yet, but will figure it out and post it tonight). She is such an interesting lady, extremely talented, and a gifted writer. Even though I haven't met her in person, I can tell she is a wonderful girl to know. Go visit her blog,which is on my side bar, and tell her Carrell sent you! Have a blessed day! Carrell
First Spring Daffodils
First White Tulip Magnolia

First flowers from my greenhouse .

First Foal, TN Walking Horse colt newborn.


  1. Oh, beautiful! I would so love to spend time with horses again! Hugs, Peggy

  2. Hi Carrell,
    Your from Tennessee, wow my husband and I was just talking about where would we live if we wanted to get out of michigan where the winters are not that bad. I suggested south of Tennessee to even north of Georgia. Anyways we did have a few warm days, and boy did I enjoyed it tremendously. I started digging in the dirt and also started to paint a few things. I loooooove my spring like weather, to me its the best!

    Seeing that colt is adorable, I know for myself that little guy would be spoiled. My husband and I live in Horse country as well, where you see a lot of people riding horses on the side of the road. It is so nice to see that. In our little town, there are also places to shop for horse supplies and have a restaurant called The White Horse Inn- you would fit right in!

    I also want to mention I love your whole wall of windows looking out. That would be a be a dream come true for me. Just lovely!

    Thanks Carrell for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have also enjoyed your blog as well.

    Have a Great Day-

  3. Hi Carell. I don't know what to talk about first!! Your plans for the day (that you left on my blog) sounded so wonderful, I must say I do miss those days on the farm. They are good for the soul! Second, that little colt is soooo beautiful, growing up with horses I just love their wobbly skinny legs when they are newborn...and those gorgeous windows across the back of your house! 2 die 4 ... warm regards

  4. I just found your blog and have been enjoying myself just looking around. Just wonderful. You live in such a beautiful area. My mother's family are all in Tennesee and NC, though she has lived here in Idaho most of her life, she has always longed to go back and get to know her Tennesee family. Love the little foal!

  5. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart. I love your spring flowers.

  6. Sounds like you were thoroughly enjoying your day. It's so satisfying to see all the garden stuff come together. Love the pics of the all the signs of spring....especially that cute baby!!


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