Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shopping Shipshewana

We visited the Shipshewana Flea Market in northern Indiana in September. We then stayed all morning for the antique auction on held the following day. Saw these nice decoys while walking around.
People come from all over to visit the huge flea market held every Tues. There are rows and rows of tents and buildings, as well as plants and animals. We stopped and had homemade ice cream made by menonites. Amish own the show grounds and have numerous food vendors and great homemade muffins and pastries. Amish buggies are parked at every shop or store. The highway has an extra lane to accomodate buggies. The Amish own large beautiful farms as well as businesses in the area.

License plate art at the flea market.

Beautiful , clean, and tidy Amish homes and farms dominate the landscape while driving through the area.

Flea market entrance.

The red barn antique mall. What a treat.

Leaving Shipshewana flea market and auction. We were then heading to the Springfield Extravaganza in Ohio.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome to Mulberry

Welcome to Mulberry, RFD
Recently husband and I took a day off and headed toward Tims Ford Lake near Wincester, Tn. We were enroute on Hwy. 55 near Lynchburg (famous little town for Jack Daniels whiskey), when I remembered going to a tiny little town off of 55 a couple of years ago for an antique estate auction. Until now, I had never returned to Mulberry for the photo shoot that I had envisioned on my earlier encounter. We found the little side road that led to this tiny historical town, less than 1/4 mile from the highway. In the center of the town square (more like a triangle) stands a confederate monument for a memorial to the 300 men and boys from Mulberry who lost their lives in the Civil War. Steve and I could not imagine that Mulberry ever had 300 people total! All the buildings shown, with the exception of the first decorated house, face the monument that stands in an island in the center. I failed to take a picture of the new post office, just off the square in a natural wood building which was quite nice. Hope you enjoy the tour.

This house was a B&B when I first visited Mulberry. The sign is gone now, but the welcoming grounds and southern home style still remain.
I think this was the Methodist church, all white clapboard with the Ten Commandments filling the windows of the towers.

I thought it was cute that the cross on top had a weathervane on it. I can only imagine, since this was the highest building in the town, the weathervane truly served a purpose for forecasts.

The Ten Commandments.

I guess I was taken with the quaintness of this building.

Opposite corner of the square had this adorable pink cottage, a private home right next to the street. The little side road led off to a few more homes and then around the block. As far as I could tell, there is only one block in Mulberry.

On the south side of the square is the fire department on the left, and the Baptist Church on the right, again, all white clapboard. The little corrugated firedepartment was just the one garage door with warnings to not block the door. It made me want to see the fire truck. Can you picture a vintage truck in there?

1861-1865 We kept the south and the faith at the post of duty.

Civil War monument in the center of town.

The Church of Christ on the north side has twin doors. Love it.

The pink cottage with a the darling white balcony. Wouldn't this be a fun gem to decorate?!!

(until my next visit)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Trip to the Beach

Trying to get away for any length of time for us is a chore, especially in the spring because of foaling time for mares. However, my husband had to work a horse show in Panama City Beach, rats, and I finally got my breather in the surf and sand. Thank the Lord for a high pressure that brought sunny skies all week! I didn't take alot of pictures, too busy being a beach bum, but got a few from the beach and our balcony of the condo. My brother, Jim, and his wife, Teri, were on vacation there the same week, so we were able to spend some good time with them with lunch out at our favorite oyster bar, and a fun evening at the horse show. Of course my husband was working all week, and didn't get the r & r that I did, but he did spend about a half an hour on the beach with me. That is about his max anyway! A mare foaled while we were gone and did great, a healthy filly.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

White Stepback Redo

How do you like it white? This old stepback cupboard was in disrepair, had a botched up finish, and needed alot of TLC. After my husband did a wonderful job of repairing it, I painted it red, even though the inside was white. I regretted painting it red, it never seemed to be right with the cupboard. So, I took liberty to give it the white coat I felt it was longing for. I did some distressing and a little aging and here is how it turned out.

Goodbye to red.

While I was working in my antique shed, I took a picture of this old sewing machine cover. I have used it for years for magazines because two rows will sit side-by-side just perfectly, and I could put all my current issues and catalogs in it. However, I have two of them, and decided to part with one. This one is really nice as it has the carved design on the front. I am selling it on my sales blog Country Charisma Antiques.

I also took a couple pictures of this New England cupboard I got a Brimfield several years ago. It is really a cute primitive cupboard with a scooped back splash, and nice wide shelves. There are still traces of old blue paint which show with the old black paint still on it. I have not done any changes, it is as it was. It is a nice size for a linen chest or even to set up a flat sceen TV since it is about 36 inches tall and has alot of storage below. It has one-board sides, shelves, and top. I am also featuring it on my sales blog.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Geese preparing to nest on our pond.
Field of mustard on the farm.

Grandson Nick, fishing at the falls.

Rutledge Falls, near Tullahoma, TN

Two of our mares and their foals.

Blessings to all of you! Celebrate our risen King! Happy Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wisteria Arbor

Three years ago, I planted this wisteria vine, but did not have any trellis for it to climb on. It twisted and wound it's way around every plant and bush in the garden until I could stand no more. So, last Spring I loaded up the materials at the lawn and garden store to build an arbor, and at last, give it a home. Most of the early buds were knocked off in the construction and the training of the vines, so there was no bloom. But this year, we have color! Not huge, but noticable color. As the vine matures, I will train it to cover the entire arbor, but for now, I am so delighted. It does my heart good to welcome springtime with blooms, especially as we celebrate the Ressurrection of our Lord! New Life! All things new! (Even the bumble bee in the first picture).

I drew out the design and intended for the arbor to be my project, but when my husband came home from work and found me chomping away with the post hole diggers, he came to the rescue. I was thankful, as it turned out to be a bigger project than I anticipated. Great guy.
Even the lilacs are showing their glory.

The fish pond had some little patches of color cropping up around it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Centerpiece

Egg candle centerpiece
I put together this Easter centerpiece shown here on my old butcherblock. I have since moved it to my sunroom and placed it in the center of our vintage white iron dining table to welcome guests for Spring. I saw this in a magazine a couple of years ago, then added my own ideas. I actually made one last year in a different container, and the grandsons loved it. Start with a bowl, turneen or favorite pot. I put some bubblewrap in the bottom of my transferware casserole, then made a bed of some live moss from the woods. Using brown egg shells washed out after cooking the eggs, I put tea lights in many of the shells, and turned others over for "color". I lit the candles for my birthday in March, but will light again!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Sunday Trailride

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Tennesse. I had not had much time or good weather on a weekend to get out and trailride. My firiend Lauren, and I, decided to go back to TWRA land that runs along the Duck River in Columbia, Tn. We visited this place last fall but did not know where to go and there is no trail map, so just made our way around. This time we met these nice folks who ride there all the time. We were able to ride with them and they showed us the main trails and some off-the-main trails. We rode a good 6 hours and made some really nice aquaintances with our riding friends. We rode into the Duck River several times to let the horses drink and take a break. One of the river stops had the stone foundation for an old bridge and the remains of an old dam from a mill house which can be slightly seen from some of the pictures. Near the end of our journey we passed this wonderful old plantation home. The home was a historical site and now owned by TWRA as part of land they purchased thirty years ago to build a flood control lake. The dam was never built, so all of this land is where we now ride trails. It was a nice break to get out away from it all for the day. Now, I am going to sell "Fire", the roan horse I am riding, because I have 4 other trail horses at home. He is well trained and a wonderful trail mount for an experienced rider. I have his mother as my regular trail horse and will keep her since she is my favorite.

Lauren on Gumby, her 3 yr old she raised from her stallion and mare.

Tommy and his wife, new trail riding friends.

Paula and her daughter, also new trail friends.

Lauren in the Duck River with old bridge stone behind her.

Me on Fire in the Duck.

Lauren and Gumby looking upstream toward the old dam.

Fire and Gumby, ready to go again after a break.