Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday Trail Ride

Wanted to share a few pictures our a trail ride from Sunday. It was such a gorgeous day. My friend Lauren and I went to Normandy Lake to try our our two-year-old Tennessee Walking Horses. Lauren has a palomino spotted filly, Dixie, she raised, and I have a sort of bay roan , colt named Fire. I raised him from my redroan trail mare. Neither of us had taken them on the trail so it was a test. Fortunately both horses behaved quite well, and we were both so pleased with them. We even took them down to the water to drink while waves were coming in. Neither youngster flinched. That was really good. I don't get to go real often, so it is always a pleasure to get out on the trail. Both of us ladies thoroughly enjoyed our day, and spent most of the trip home discussing when to go again.

Lauren and Dixie.

Fire and me.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Antique Shed

Vintage 5-light prism crystal ceiling light made in Spain.

Oak and ash folk art hat & glove rack.

Painted bench and plank top tables.

Small table-top old paint red cupoard.

Walnut 6 tin Pie Safe

Early cherry glass door cupboard.

Old blue paint table with old brown paint

Cotton basket and wood bowls on early cherry drop-leaf table.