Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Log Cabin Additions

While the back porch is under construction and being added to the cabin and the kitchen addition, I am cleaning up an old dry sink to use in the guest room bath as a vanity. Today I ordered a white vessel sink to mount in one end. 
I am also doing some restoration to old chamfered doors, cleaning, light sanding, and top coating with sealer to protect the finish from modern wear and tear. My husband added a board to the bottom of the white door, which is green on the reverse side. It is up to me to match the colors and distressing to make the board appear as it belongs. Have about 10 more doors to do. 

Bottom of picture is added board. 
My husband bracing a porch post. 

One of numerous chewed spots on the dry sink. 
Dry sink had been chewed by a ground hog in our garage!  Edges and dove tail top were ragged.  I sanded, stained and touched up "old" white paint. Now it is ready to be a vanity in the log cabin bathroom. 

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Old Log Cabin

"It is taking longer than we planned", what everyone says when they are building a home.  Even though it has taken longer, we are pleased to have the rear extension under roof, windows in, doorway now cut through from the log cabin to the new kitchen, and the electricians are now wiring.  We will have one log wall in the kitchen, which is an exterior log wall.  It will be in keeping with the large kitchen dining room I have designed with the objective of using our 8 1/2 foot harvest table my husband built for me many years ago. 
The dining end of the kitchen has this large row of windows so we can see out into the woods and meadow where the deer feed.  A covered rear porch will run the full length of the house toward the meadow.  It will be an outdoor dining area, living area, and gathering place.  Construction of the porch begins this week.