Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tennessee Sunset

While winter has been upon us for what seems like forever, this wonderful sunset Tuesday evening was and encouragement to me.  After near 70's temps and lots of sunshine, the day ended in these glorious colors.  I know others from Tennessee enjoyed this too.  How about you? 

The sunset could be seen between the logs on our unfinished log cabin we reconstructed behind our pool. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Jewelry

My creative juices have had me putting together jewely pieces this year.  My house is torn apart with a remodel that we are doing ourselves, when my husband is off.  That, of course, means whenever we get a chance.  Meanwhile, when I am not gophering here and there, planning the next step in the renovation, or ordering bathroom lighting and such, I have been putting together some new pieces. 
There is something satisfying about being creative, even if it is only for one's own joy. It is nice when you only have to please yourself, but I thought I would share a few regardless. 

Lapis Lazuli wrapped in sterling silver and sterling hooks make up these dangle earrings.

The matching Lapis pendant can be slipped on a sterling chain  or leather cord for a necklace.

This vintage style metal necklace has 18 red jade "berries" making up a cluster pendant, a rhinestone heart pendant, and a handmade rosette from a crocheted doiley attached to the side of additional swags of chain. 

This little necklace wears well with vintage style tops and trendy T's.

This blue heart is Bloodstone Jasper.  I put a nice sterling bail on it, with a black cord.  I put it on  my facebook today to show friends, and it sold tonight. 

Large disk shaped smokey quart and obsidian beads make up this choker style necklace.

Lapis Lazuli is one of my favorite stones.  I used several shapes with brushed silver rings to make up this versatile necklace.  The findings and wrappings are all sterling. this necklace can be worn in any position, with the clasp in the back, on the side, or in front. 

Agate is another favorite.  I used to find agate chunks on the shores of Lake Superior.  This all-agate necklace is mounted with a filligree sterling bail, sterling chain and sterling findings.

I love the way these little pink faceted drop beads turned out, wrapped in sterling on curvey chain with hooks and crystal beads.

As in the first photo, these are the same blue faceted drop beads with sterling wrappings and a simple sterling  hooks.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pillows Pillows Pillows

Last spring I made some vintage pillows using all vintage fabrics, trim and decor.  I have had them stored, and decided I would put them in my shop,  (I'm listing them today) but first show what I had made. 

This little pillow was made from a vintage handkerchief sewn on to a dresser scarf.  I folded the scarf in half to create the pillow slip, and slip stitched it together after inserting the pillow form.

This pillow is made from sewing two pieces of embroidery onto a background of vintage fabrics.  I  got a whole box of vintage fabrics that were new, from an estate sale.  Most were pieces were small, so they worked well for piecing the pillows.

This bow print fabric was used for the backing, and the encloser is a bow tie with the same fabric.

 I had a dresser scarf which had two nice embroidered ends, but the center had an unremovable stain.  The ends worked perfectly for the pillow tops, and the vintage print for the front edges.  

Envelope backs worked well for these pillows.

This is the pair together. 

I had another old pillow case that was worn out, but had the cute applique tulips on the ends.  I used the ends on both sides of the pillow top and added a small embroidery doiley in the center.