Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Stockings and Hats!

Well, I haven't been blogging all summer, but what can I say? Traveling every weekend and some weekdays to horse shows, working on Jewelry, and working to get ready for the Country Living Fair just kept me hopping.

I decided to pull out the stockings I started on last winter and finish them up. Now that they are completed, I cannot figure out how to make the pictures upright. I turn them in my picture folder, and they still come out sideways.  There must be a way!

I made my stocking using slightly waffled natural felt with a little flecking in it. Two of them have crows feet edge stitching with vintage silk thread and multitoned cord.

This stocking had vintage lace trim and old embroidery appliqued to the top, toe,and heel.

I used parts of a vintage sweater on two stockings. This one has a patch of angora covered with shiney barrel beads and seed pearls.  I added the pearl buttons from the sweater as another accentVintage fringe tops the sock.

 The sweater hem became a button top for this stocking.

 Although I enjoyed making each one, this piece turned out to be my favorite with large brass  buttons at the top, vintage lace and doiley, and multicord edging.

And thats not all; I've been crocheting hats too.  This youth hat will fit a young girl to preteen.  It's very soft and colors great for accessorizing.  You can find this hat and my stockings on my Etsy Shop at .  Now I have a season of catching up to do!  Can't wait to see what wonderful crafting and decor you have all been up to.  This weekend I decorate the house, so will update you with that.  And if anyone know how to turn your pictures upright, please tell me. I am using a canon rebel XT.