Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Log Cabin ! ! !

OK blogger friends, we need to find a new home for this log cabin.
This winter we had to tear down an old house on our property, knowing inside there was this incredible 1800's log cabin. We have already built an old log cabin on our farm, so we really don't want or need another. This cabin is available, cheap, so if any of you out there needs a cabin/guest house/studio/spare bedroom/man cave just let us know and we will give you a bargain price. We want it to be restored and do not want it to stand without a roof for very long to prevent rot. It has only been three weeks since week exposed it to the elements. The cabin has good log floor joists, beaded ceiling beams that would make joists for a loft room, all the rafters for the roof, and 6" flooring for the first floor, plus... a cut limestone chimney and foundation rock.

The vertical boards on the logs were nailers for drywall and siding. They will be removed when the cabin is dissassembled.


  1. Sure hope the adorable log house finds a good home! Loved your fillies in the snow was 80 degrees here yesterday!

  2. What a neat old log cabin! Surely someone will take you up on your offer. What a cute thing to have on one's property! And your place looks so beautiful in the snow.


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