Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Music City & Tailgate Show

Well, the show is over and we survived it. Thought I would show a few highlights upfront, and then a few of my own booth. I set up in the Tailgate and was surrounded by some wonderful dealers. I also got to meet The other Theresa from Time-Worn Interiors, Pam from Country Meadows Antiques, and Tricia from The Red Door Antiques. It was great meeting you all! These first few pictures are a few that caught my eye in the Music City Show.

These two pix are from Billy Phillips from Phillips General Store in Bell Buckle, TN, my neck of the woods.

Love the old eyeglasses sign.

Tricia and me.

My new friend Gleniss from Maine, who was set up beside us. She and her husband Sherman made us fresh oyster stew for lunch on Saturday. It was delicious.

A few pix from my booth.

My hard-working husband who finally got a break after lugging in all my BIG furniture.

Pam and her husband Gary are so very nice. It is such a good thing to meet such good people.

I sold some of my graniteware. Everyone loved my little french lunchbox. It was finally gone on Saturday.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Vintage embroidery, fabrics, and a little time on the old sewing machine allowed me to put together some pillows. Now this pillow idea came to me from my good friend Martha in Ky. She does not yet have a blog, but needs to in order to share her wonderful talents with all of us. Several years ago Martha gave me one of her "vintage" pillows and I still have it on my bed. It is my all-time favorite. On some of our cold rainey days this winter, I managed to create a few myself in preparation for the Music City and Tailgate Antiques Show in Nashville Feb 20 -22. I thought I would show you a few. I was hoping they would add some life to the primitive antiques in my booth (and of course price them to sell).

While I am on here, I would also like to mention a new blog. My daughter-in-law Kelley, has been concerned for some time about the direction our leadership is taking our country. I agree with her. She is now writing letters to the President of the United States expressing those concerns. Although she is not expecting any response, she is taking action. I am impressed with her letters, her writing skills that make her point, and even more, her drive to make a difference. Kelley, like me, is conservative, but her letters are not written as attacks on the new administration, but rather concerns using facts and current circumstances. I am inviting you to get a cup of coffee or tea, and take a few minutes to visit her blog. She decided to share the letters in hopes to inspire others. Kelley named her blog "Letters ...", and it can be seen at:
Don't miss the cute pictures of my grandsons!

Now for the pillows! I started with a doubled ended dresser scrarf that had some damage and rust stains in the center. I was able to salvage the two embroidered ends to make two pillows. The back of each pillow has a different vintage fabric because I only had enough of each piece for one pillow. The borders on the front are the same as the back. I made an envelope opening in the back for insertion of the pillow form.

Laying it out and choosing A vintage backing.
Adding fringe to this one with my 40-year-old Sears Kenmore that my mother gave me when I was graduating from high school. She knew how much I would use it, and she was right! It has sewn for miles and miles and miles, and I taught my own daughter to sew on it as well.The finished pair. Old handkerchief sew on a dresser scarf with hand crotcheted edge.Two embroidery pieces are sewn together. Side edging is difficult to see, but has pink stripes from a pillow case. I used the vintage blue bow fabric on top and bottom edges and for the backing. Wish I had more of the bow fabric; I love it.

This pillow is the edge of two pillow cases joined with another spread sewn in the center. The tulips are not sewn down but are free on the edges to give the feel of a pillow case. It is actually sewn in the center where they join, but I used two layers to give the effect. On the back, the envelope enclosure has a scolloped edge from the original pillowslip.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Purchases for Tailgate Show

Found these little gems while shopping for a few more items for the Tailgate Show in Nashville Feb.20 -22. I just loved the little child's stroller. It folds up and lays flat and has a wooden handle, arm rests, seat and foot rest. I was actually looking for some backdrops to use for my booth when I found these. I didn't have my camera because I was meeting the man that had some panels stored in the antique mall basement. I wasn't planning to shop, but when he told me about the pieces, I had to go upstairs to take a peek. Now you know the rest of the story!

The old coffee mill still has all of it's original parts. One simply put coffee beans in the top and grind away. All of the fresh ground coffee fell into the little drawer at the bottom. Don't you know that kitchen smelled good with all that fresh ground aroma. Here is one to bring your childhood back! I remember riding one of these when I was a very young. We did not have a scooter but a friend did. Of course today the scooters are much more sofisticated, but kids still love them the same.

Monday, February 2, 2009

KY ice storm crisis

Even though Kentucky finally got a day to thaw this weekend, the crisis of downed power lines and lack of water continues. Some areas are still calling for several weeks yet without power! My daughter and husband live on a country side road, like most rural counties, and have had no water or power since the storm last week. Her husband works in town at a building supply and hardware. Today some of the elderly were able to get out for the first time. Some of the stories they told were heartbreaking as some told of their week of survival. Without heat, water, or help, one lady just stayed in her bed all week! It is hard to imagine being in the dark cold nights alone. Please continue to pray for these areas.
The beauty of the ice is not without price! Such a hardship for thousands of Kentuckians.

A view of just one spot on my daughter's road where whole woodsides had to be cut to get through.

The pines just could not hold up their heads to the burden.

Trees lay on their new house with 7 more down in the yard. Oh the clean up! I am thankful our children could take shelter with other family. Many have not had that priviledge. Three schools in their couny (Grayson) have been centers for hundreds this week; a warm place to sleep and meals prepared. I am still amazed that even with their pleas for help, Grayson County had received NO assistance for relief this past week, at least as of yesterday. I hope and pray that some may come this week as it turns cold once again. Please keep them all in your prayers. This is not over for them yet!