Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All New Living Room

Old sofa with slipcover  in new living room

2011 brought new changes to our 1847 Carpenter Gothic southern home.  Often the layout of old houses entitles the modern owners to use the rooms in ways they were never intended.   I believe the only room in our home that is used as it originated is the master bedroom. 
Some of those changes took place before we aquired the house twelve years ago, but our greatest internal change was swapping the livingroom and diningroom in 2011.  During that swap we added hardwood floors to a portion of the house that had carpet, and put new hardwood in the kitchen after ripping up the original to reinforce the old bouncey joists.  The orignial floors were wormey chestnut, and i just loved them, but there was no subfloor.  Besides the bounce, winter drafts could be felt up to your knees.  Something had to be done, and the splintering boards were not usable for finished flooring after the joist project.  It is just part of old-house delimmas.

In an older post, I presented an album of the new diningroom, which also viewed the hallways to the bedrooms and the kitchen, all of which got the new hardwood.  By putting the diningroom in it's new location, it allowed for the arrangement of furniture so that we could pass through that room to our bedroom hall.  When we had the livingroom there, you would have to walk through the LR furniture and often in front of someone watching television.  No more.  Even though my husband and I do most of our TV watching on our sunporch, the visiting grands and family liked to use the LR for video games and DVDs.  I will try to show you how we found the remedy for this. 

New ceiling light replaced dining room light which I refurbished and moved into the new dining room.

Veiw of the wall oposite the sofa where I was finally able to display my Red Wing Pottery.  I've stacked a few more inside each other since this photo.

I brought two wingback chairs out of the bedrooms with intentions of slipcovering both, but still have not done it.

The former diningroom was painted peach with peach woodtrim including the fireplace, from the former owner.  All the years  we have been here I have longed to repaint this room.  White trim and white walls set off the hardwood floors and hardwood ceiling, and gave the room the vintage country  look I was seeking.

1800's handwrought copper pots make a simple statement on the mantel.

A primitive walnut table got a new home in the LR too.  This table was painted brown years ago, so I decided to strip it and found original old blue milk paint underneath.  I did my best to preserve what was left of the blue.

The walnut cupchair actually has a 3 foot walkway for access.  This cupboard was a TN estate find, with wavey glass door and plain crown molding.  I put  collection of blue swirl graniteware in the top.board behind the chair actually has a 3 foot walkway for access.  This cupboard was a TN estate find, with wavey glass door and plain crown molding.  I put  collection of blue swirl graniteware in the top.

A 12-tin pie safe that was formerly in the entry hall, now houses the stereo and cds and dvds.  On top is a vignette of old hunting items including antlers, old shot gun shells and box, Hopes gun cleaner and a taxidermy hawk.

My hubby's elk mount also found a new home here above a collection of antique black powder rifles.

An oil painting I did of my husband hunting with his Brittiany birddogs hangs below a 15pt buck.  I love the way the white crown molding looks against the natural beadboard ceiling.

The sofa also has a 3ft walkway behind it.  An old captains chair, a primitive sugar chest and a buggy seat line the wall and give plenty of room for the walkway from the kitchen to the front entry hall.  A stool that I had covered to match the wing chair from the masterbedroom, now makes a table in front of the sofa.

Love old ironstone and transfer.  This little ensemble makes a wall grouping.

Another favorite cupboard is this very old TN pine cornercupboard with wavey glass doors.

Tabletop includes an antique brass candlestick from my mother and hand needlepoint redbird coasters from my grandmother. 

My mother's sleeping kitten figure rests under the table.

I've added more redwing sizes to this grouping, but still love having a place to display them now.

One of my last oil paintings.  Need to get back into it, but making jewelry is some much easier to start and stop in our busy schedules.

The large platter is one of my favorites.

The top of the cornercupboard has a collection of blue transferware and ironstone.

The buggy seat has a vintage wool punch rug folded on the seat, which I have now put on the floor in front.

Love the one door top on the cornercupboard. 

A few transfer pitchers line the shelf with the graniteware

I was glad the ceilings
 had never been seen paint in here.  All of the interior doors have transomes.  A hint of the hall chandolier is seen behind the transome.

View from the kitchen door.

TV sits on an old wood shipping trunk.

Little kitchen entry hall between kitchen and livingroom.

Old beveled leaded glass kitchen door.
 Come back for a tour of the new entry hall and kitchen coming soon!! Thanks for visiting!!


  1. Oh my goodness!
    Your new living room makeover is GREAT!
    You have so many fabulous antiques!
    What fun it is seeing all the lovelies in your home.
    I wish I owned all your numbered crocks and that corner cupboard is fantastic. I am going to have to try to get to one of your antique show booths one of these days. You have such an eye for lovely things.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my, you sure have some gorgeous old pieces. And you are very talented. Love the painting! I was fortunate to inherit a few beautiful antique pieces of furniture. A step back cupboard and another piece with that wonderful old wavy glass. And your crocks are fabulous too! :)

  3. What a great space! I adore your Red Wing pottery. My grandfather was born in Red Wing, Wis.

  4. Hi Carrell! Awesome makeover! (what I can see anyway--my computer only shows about half of the photos on any posts--weird isn't it?)LOVE your painting!! And that corner cupboard is just gorgeous. Hope you are having a nice winter--we sure can't complain around here! I won't do the Country Living Show again, but just got info on Bella Rustica, and the venue is going to be Milky Way Farms near Pulaski, TN! Looks fantastic, and this show is so well promoted. (My sales per attendance ratio was better here than at Country Living) They should announce it soon if you are interested. (Sept 21, 22, 23 tentative date)


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