Tuesday, September 18, 2012

White Ironstone

White ironstone was a hit at the Springfield Extravaganza this weekend.  Although I would have loved to have been at the Country Living Fair in Columbus just miles away, I did not have enough stock on this trip to warrant the cause.  However, we had a great show, and many buyers were also attending CLF, and working both shows into their schedules.  With beautiful weather, my husband to help me, and a huge turnout, it was a super weekend.

 This cute possum belly cupboard with galvanized drawer bins sold right away.  Our furniture buyers were mostly there on Thursday while we were setting up, but this piece sold on Friday morning to a young dentist's wife who was looking for a cupboard for her husband's office.

 I love old bottles, and had numerous great antique and vintage bottles that enhanced several collections.

My walnut wallshelf that used to hang in my bedroom also found a new home.  The antique shelf was custom made for a display in a Shelbyville, TN drug store in the early 1900's.  It is always fun to know the history of an antique.

My husband makes the dish racks that can be hung on the wall or set on a table or countertop.  I didn't sell it this trip, but I did sell the old blue glass kerosene dispenser in front of it, as well as the white wall cabinet down on the bottom right of this photo.

This vintage handmade cupboard also left us.  My huband assisted two young ladies loading it into a small suv with the backseat down.  It was over six feet tall, but amazingly just fit.  They still had numerous smalls they put in the bottom cabinet portion, and then a chair and several other items on top.  I always said a lady can pack it home if there is a will to do it!

I sold half of my ironstone pieces.  I love it, have so many pieces, and still hate to part with it.  Now that we are on our downsizing quest, I realize it time for some of my pieces to be loved by someone else. 

A cute young girl bought all my letters, and another young couple bought my vintage lamp.  If she hadn't, I had decided it was going to replace one in my house and go with me to the next house.
Many more smalls, a great industrial cart, two tables, two wonderful hanging lamps, and several of my crochet hats, a wagon, signs, and mancave items were sold.  We had less than a third left to put back into the trailer at the end of the show.  A big thank you to all of our buyers, the nice folks set up on either side of us, and to the many pleasant people we met on our 3 day weekend in Springfield.


  1. Now that's what I call a successful endeavor! Only a third...wow.
    My goal is to be sitting in a lawn chair with an ice chest for a side table...in the middle of an empty tent. A girl can dream can't she?
    Sounds like you had just the right mix.

    1. Deb, That is a great dream! I will have to start believing for that one! Especially the lawn chair and cooler part! We were blessed, and glad to have some things out of the way for our pending move.

  2. Congrats on your awesome show--your booth pics are fab! (I've parted with most of my ironstone too) LOVE you turquoise bracelet and silver necklace on your previous posts--very cool!! I'm still figuring out what days I can get to Bella show -- leaning toward driving up Thurs and shopping Fri.


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