Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nashville Flea Market Finds

My husband and I enjoyed last Friday at the Nashville Flea Market. I didn't buy much, but did find a few things I liked. I fell for this blue enamel PARIS tub. It went right into my kitchen when we got home from the weekend. It was so relaxing to wonder around the first market with only a chill in the air and breaking sunshine.

Never can resist a good piece of graniteware either. Pick up this little bailed gray granite pan to go in the log cabin when it is finished. We did get the cabin under roof before winter, but we still have a way to go before it is completed. I will show the on-going progress.

This white tulip magnolia in our back yard has not been able to bloom for the past several years due to late freezes. It was a delight to see it covered with blooms this year. It would be nice if the blooms on the trees lasted longer.