Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Sunday Trailride

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Tennesse. I had not had much time or good weather on a weekend to get out and trailride. My firiend Lauren, and I, decided to go back to TWRA land that runs along the Duck River in Columbia, Tn. We visited this place last fall but did not know where to go and there is no trail map, so just made our way around. This time we met these nice folks who ride there all the time. We were able to ride with them and they showed us the main trails and some off-the-main trails. We rode a good 6 hours and made some really nice aquaintances with our riding friends. We rode into the Duck River several times to let the horses drink and take a break. One of the river stops had the stone foundation for an old bridge and the remains of an old dam from a mill house which can be slightly seen from some of the pictures. Near the end of our journey we passed this wonderful old plantation home. The home was a historical site and now owned by TWRA as part of land they purchased thirty years ago to build a flood control lake. The dam was never built, so all of this land is where we now ride trails. It was a nice break to get out away from it all for the day. Now, I am going to sell "Fire", the roan horse I am riding, because I have 4 other trail horses at home. He is well trained and a wonderful trail mount for an experienced rider. I have his mother as my regular trail horse and will keep her since she is my favorite.

Lauren on Gumby, her 3 yr old she raised from her stallion and mare.

Tommy and his wife, new trail riding friends.

Paula and her daughter, also new trail friends.

Lauren in the Duck River with old bridge stone behind her.

Me on Fire in the Duck.

Lauren and Gumby looking upstream toward the old dam.

Fire and Gumby, ready to go again after a break.


  1. Oh, I am so jealous! Besides loving the idea of being on a horse again, the surroundings look so peaceful and lovely!

  2. What a great trail ride along with interesting pictures. You mention maybe selling Fire to an experienced rider. I have a suggestion. It is to recommend to his new owner a small paperback Basic Training for a Safe Trail Horse with subtitle of Eliminating the Fear Factors. It is a narrative with instruction about how to teach a horse to be a true companion and to be safe without having to use bits, spurs, longe lines or round pens. Find a review at the blog Nuzzling Muzzles. It is availabe at Amazon, and book inquiries can be made at

  3. Oh, my goodness, that seems like a lot of fun!! The scenery is beautiful! Happy belated birthday, March girl!!

  4. Hi Carrell! I am so glad to be back to blogging and catch up....I love your photos of the trail ride on the TWRA land--it is so beautiful (When I went to the coast of the Carolina's last month, it was specifically to do a beach ride, but it turned out a little different than I expected--I will have to tell you that story someday!) I love the plantation and the river--it looks so peaceful and beautiful! I hope you find a great new home for Fire!

  5. I was just curious as to if you have sold the log cabin you had for sale a few post below? I showed it to my husband and he's very interested. We have land where we're planning on building a log home but he would love to have several small cabins scattered throughout the property.


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