Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Music City & Tailgate Show

Well, the show is over and we survived it. Thought I would show a few highlights upfront, and then a few of my own booth. I set up in the Tailgate and was surrounded by some wonderful dealers. I also got to meet The other Theresa from Time-Worn Interiors, Pam from Country Meadows Antiques, and Tricia from The Red Door Antiques. It was great meeting you all! These first few pictures are a few that caught my eye in the Music City Show.

These two pix are from Billy Phillips from Phillips General Store in Bell Buckle, TN, my neck of the woods.

Love the old eyeglasses sign.

Tricia and me.

My new friend Gleniss from Maine, who was set up beside us. She and her husband Sherman made us fresh oyster stew for lunch on Saturday. It was delicious.

A few pix from my booth.

My hard-working husband who finally got a break after lugging in all my BIG furniture.

Pam and her husband Gary are so very nice. It is such a good thing to meet such good people.

I sold some of my graniteware. Everyone loved my little french lunchbox. It was finally gone on Saturday.


  1. Great photos- still to tired too post. Took about 350 pictures and will start putting them up soon.

  2. Wow! Lots of wonderful pieces. I think my favorites are the cubby piece with the funnel and crocks on top, and the (I think) pie cabinet behind your hubby. Great stuff! I'm like you. I always enjoy meeting good people. Looks like a good show. Congrats! ~Mindy

  3. Hi Carrell! I've been anxiously waiting for your pics, and they are wonderful! Your booth looks fantastic, and you really have some unusual pieces--love the cupboards, and unique desk. I bet it was so much fun--wish I could have been there! And girl, great photos of you---hard to believe you have grandchildren!

  4. Hey Carrell, your tailgate booth looks awesome! You really have a knack for pulling it all together. Brrrr... It's cold here. I see you could be in for some rough weather tomorrow.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and being a follower!! I am a follower with yours now as well. I love the show... Great stuff, love you chippy white desk!! I have to find out where Bell Buckle TN is?? Loving that Phillips General Store pictures, will be back for more keep postinf those great pics, Many Blessings, Janna

  6. Carrell, how I would have loved to see all that in person! I have been to those shows once with a couple of friends. It was really fun. Everything looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  7. Dear Carrell....I hope you don't mind but I am going to use a photo from this post on my next post....I will make sure to reference it back to you. Thanks for the shout out! Also it was such a pleasure meeting you and I love the sweet little chandelier....thanks! See you soon!

  8. Carrell...I have a short post coming out tomrrow about you and Pam... FYI

  9. You have some great treasures! I would've loved to have come see the show.



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