Monday, February 9, 2009

Purchases for Tailgate Show

Found these little gems while shopping for a few more items for the Tailgate Show in Nashville Feb.20 -22. I just loved the little child's stroller. It folds up and lays flat and has a wooden handle, arm rests, seat and foot rest. I was actually looking for some backdrops to use for my booth when I found these. I didn't have my camera because I was meeting the man that had some panels stored in the antique mall basement. I wasn't planning to shop, but when he told me about the pieces, I had to go upstairs to take a peek. Now you know the rest of the story!

The old coffee mill still has all of it's original parts. One simply put coffee beans in the top and grind away. All of the fresh ground coffee fell into the little drawer at the bottom. Don't you know that kitchen smelled good with all that fresh ground aroma. Here is one to bring your childhood back! I remember riding one of these when I was a very young. We did not have a scooter but a friend did. Of course today the scooters are much more sofisticated, but kids still love them the same.


  1. Some lovely old pieces there! Glad you changed to the light font it was much easier to read than the beginning of the post that was dark.

  2. Great finds! Take lots of photos of your booth, girl, so we can see everything! Hope the show is really fantastic for you.

  3. Hi Carrell~ I have my grandmas coffee grinder that's just like that one! I just treasure it since she's gone now. What a haul of good stuff...

  4. Looking forward to seeing you too in Nashville. Iam doing a slightly scaled back show with more smalls this time....with the past two weeks I just can't pull off a full blown booth full of big furniture. Hope things go well!!!! Iam hoping to have some really great good priced smalls to offer! Crossing my fingers & sending positive vibes for a fantastic show!!!!!

  5. T've never seen a little strollar like that, soo darn cute! I love the backround on your blog so happy and fresh, Cheryl

  6. thanks for the sweet comment. :)

    now i want a coffee grinder.

  7. thanks for the sweet comment. :)

    now i want a coffee grinder! ;]

  8. These are treasures! I love them.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. It was great to hear from you!

    Happy Valentines Day!


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