Sunday, April 19, 2009

White Stepback Redo

How do you like it white? This old stepback cupboard was in disrepair, had a botched up finish, and needed alot of TLC. After my husband did a wonderful job of repairing it, I painted it red, even though the inside was white. I regretted painting it red, it never seemed to be right with the cupboard. So, I took liberty to give it the white coat I felt it was longing for. I did some distressing and a little aging and here is how it turned out.

Goodbye to red.

While I was working in my antique shed, I took a picture of this old sewing machine cover. I have used it for years for magazines because two rows will sit side-by-side just perfectly, and I could put all my current issues and catalogs in it. However, I have two of them, and decided to part with one. This one is really nice as it has the carved design on the front. I am selling it on my sales blog Country Charisma Antiques.

I also took a couple pictures of this New England cupboard I got a Brimfield several years ago. It is really a cute primitive cupboard with a scooped back splash, and nice wide shelves. There are still traces of old blue paint which show with the old black paint still on it. I have not done any changes, it is as it was. It is a nice size for a linen chest or even to set up a flat sceen TV since it is about 36 inches tall and has alot of storage below. It has one-board sides, shelves, and top. I am also featuring it on my sales blog.


  1. The stepback looks home or shop ready now thanks to your hard work. Great job!

  2. I bet that was a job covering the red paint in white! But I really love how it looks now--it can be used in a bathroom, too. Love the Brimfield cupboard--good luck with your on-line sales--(I have been trusting, and consequently swindled out of merchandise, so be careful) Our show went pretty well, considering the weather was too gorgeous for people to be anywhere but in the mountains and at the lake, or doing yard work!

  3. I do love that cupboard in white...!! You were right!


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