Friday, May 1, 2009

Trip to the Beach

Trying to get away for any length of time for us is a chore, especially in the spring because of foaling time for mares. However, my husband had to work a horse show in Panama City Beach, rats, and I finally got my breather in the surf and sand. Thank the Lord for a high pressure that brought sunny skies all week! I didn't take alot of pictures, too busy being a beach bum, but got a few from the beach and our balcony of the condo. My brother, Jim, and his wife, Teri, were on vacation there the same week, so we were able to spend some good time with them with lunch out at our favorite oyster bar, and a fun evening at the horse show. Of course my husband was working all week, and didn't get the r & r that I did, but he did spend about a half an hour on the beach with me. That is about his max anyway! A mare foaled while we were gone and did great, a healthy filly.


  1. So glad you finally got to the beach!(It's best not to let too much time go by before you get that sand between your toes!) You really lucked out with a whole week of good weather, too! Your sand and water photos make me want to jump in my car and go back to FL.

  2. Oh the sun, how I envy you.. Its feeezing her in Oz.. Enjoy the rays.


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