Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a day today. I was reminded that we are to pray for our leaders (which includes our President). I guess it is time to get started even if he was not my choice! It is still such beautiful weather. I decided to postpone the painting of our guest room and get outside for awhile today. I juiced a whole pan of crabapples for jelly. I have never made it, but the amount of juice needed was on the sure-jell package and I am going to try it. All of the fruit trees were soooo abundant this season that I hate to let it all go to waste. I have canned and frozen like no other year since we moved here from Kentucky 10 years ago. I am still on overload with apples and pears even after letting all my friends and neighbors pick. Pecans are falling of the trees too, and we have picked up at least a bushel and also given them away. Thought I would post a few fall pictures since it is so pretty this week. It does not sound like it is going to stay that way much longer.

Old maple tree in the front yard.

Camelia blooming by the garden shed chair.

Zinias blooming by the poolside.

A few remaining Hydrangeas at the corner of the house.

Brought all the patio plants in the greenhouse for the winter. This is the best it will look all year. It will be all downhill from now on as I will forget to water them. Two winters in a row I forgot to turn the heat up on the coldest nights. I have good intentions.

Mums blooming by my watergarden with "Depo" our JackRat looking for fish. The mums were given to me by my kids in Indiana for my birthday in March; doing well for a second bloom.
View at the farm.
God bless you.


  1. Martha told me yesterday you are her friend. Hopefully one day we can meet in person. Good luck with your room. Can't wait to see it.

  2. Oh thats great! Martha has been a super and a dear friend for a long time. The room I am painting we call the "Al and Martha" room cause that is where they stay when they come. We have a super time when we get together since we are "sisters in junk". Had to take a break from painting today since my back and neck are so sore from painting the ceiling! Ha! Thrills of getting old. Will let you know sometime when I am coming up. Carrell


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