Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nashville Flea Market

Sunday, on our way home from our nephew's wedding in Louisville, we decided to stop at the Nashville Flea Market.  We had been looking for some ornate hinges to match the antique hinges on our interior doors.  We are still in our renovation, so we are paying attention to details we have earlier let slide.  Mr. Charisma hit the jackpot and found several really great pairs that matched.  We also found some other neat things while browsing.  The white adirondacks stole my heart immediately, but only to my dissappointment, they were sold.  We came away with some new ideas, and had a great time.

I loved this old door!  It was a pale yellow, and the shape of the top was splendid.
Really liked this stand on the table top. 

One booth was full of architectual pieces.  I wonder what Sassy Trash would make with these. (sorry the picture is sideways)

The man who had the hinges, also had this great collection of glass doorknobs. 

I love the way in which he displayed the glass knobs, hung from a rail all tied together so the light could hit them.  What size do you need?  I think I just want them hanging up in the sunlight!

Twice I went back to see the antiqued red island bar.  It is just the size I was looking for my kitchen, however, the craftsmanship did not match the price.  We decided we could make our own, or have the Amish make us one we can paint our own custom color.  Great idea though.

I also loved this red leather wingback loveseat sofa.  I was thinking it would work in my new living room setting, but not for sure.  Thought I would wait to see how things work out.  All of our furniture is piled up in two rooms, so I have to do inventory when we begin to refill our rooms.

These post lamps were unusual, and could be a real conversation piece in the right room.  I can see  nice burlap shades on them.

This double vanity was not at the flea market, but was handmade by a local Amish man for my new bathroom.  I picked it up this week, but we are not ready to install it yet.  Later I will show it installed with the granite top and mirrors he is making to go with it.  I took him a few pictures of what I wanted, and he came up with this.  Love the little shaker leg.


  1. Nashville Flea Market's chairs are really cool. They are simple still sober.
    -loveseats leather

  2. Hi Carrell...wish I could have gone to the Nashville show---it would have been SO fun to catch you there at the same time!! Great pics (and thanks for the mention!) I love all the architectural stuff they have there--I'm hoping to get there next month on the way to KY!

  3. What a fun flea market. I loved the glass door knob idea. I have a whole bunch that I bought for the old house only to discover that there is a bit more to installing them than my hubby can do with what I bought. Or maybe he just forgets. lol So perhaps I will just hang them like that so that when they catch the light perhaps they will catch his attention to.

  4. I can't wait to get back to TN! You've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award. Visit for details ;)


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