Sunday, January 23, 2011

Masterbedroom Update

BEFORE:  Master bedroom with federal blue woodwork and crown moldings, white walls, green rug, and faded cranston blue check drapes.  

I know I kept saying I was going to paint my bedroom.  Now that we have our entire house torn apart so we can put down hardwood in the rooms that were carpeted, I finally had our bedroom painted. Notice I said "had it painted", rather than painting it myself.  The last guest room I painted myself took me three weeks of dragging a 12' heavy step ladder round and round the room painting 14' ceiling and crown.  Not this time. 

The kitchen was painted at the same time, after we added new wide crown molding to the 12' ceilings. While installing the crown, my ladder began slipping, then suddenly I took a wild ride to the floor. I ripped the crown molding off the top of the cabinets trying to stop the sliding, and ripped my nails off at the same time.  I just couldn't stop it, and hit my head on the granite countertop as I came crashing down. Ending up with a huge knot on my brow and bruises to my arm and legs, I was grateful not to have broken anything.  Seriously grateful!  My husband finished the crown himself, while I was on the couch with icepacks.  DYI is not always as easy at it appears!  I have the black eye to prove it! 

 In order to add new hardwood to the kitchen as well, we had to remove everything including refridgerator (now in the LR, we will do hardwood in kitchen first then move ref. back) and all furniture and low level pantry goods (mind you all decor is off the walls and shelves for the painting project).  We also had to move everything out of  living room, 2 hallways, and another bedroom.  All of that is now stored  in our other guestroom, dining room and front entry hall.  We are also remodeling our master bath with tile shower, clawfoot tub, new vanity, floors, and entirely new room. 

We just got back in our bed after sleeping on a airmattress on our sunroom floor (the only room left unscathed by the updates, but full of tools, tile samples, paint cans and whatnot).  I have always told my husband that we love our sunroom so much, we don't need any other rooms than a bathroom.  I should eat my words. I have a entirely new appreciation for our bedroom.  I have included a few pictures of the before and after of the bedroom, with the "after" still undecorated and some of the furniture not in place.  We are just barely in it, but rejoicing just the same! 

AFTER:  Newly painting crown molding and wainscotting  and windows in white.  Walls are a very light grayed-green.  It apprears darker in this picture because of lighting, but I will get some better pictures when the decor is done.

BEFORE:  Fireplace and woodwork in old blue.

AFTER:  Newly painted white woodwork.

BEFORE:  Blue cranston curtains and white walls.


AFTER:  Nice bright woodwork, suttle walls, perfect canvas to decorate.  Hopefully in a few weeks, the remaining remodeling will be complete, and I will have a newly decorated room to post.  Keep watching.

Goodby airmattress bed in sunroom!  At least we could watch TV (on the wall not seen in photo) in bed.


  1. Great love the crown molding!

  2. Wow, your home is gorgeous, both the before's and the after's! I love the new lighter look, and I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself any more than you did when you fell, how scary!

    Kat :)

  3. What a gorgeous home you have! Love the tall ceilings and crown molding. The new color is fantastic! Linda

  4. I REALLY hope your bumps and bruises are better now! And how about your fingernails? That really sounds painful!!! But your bedroom is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the final pics! Thank you for your kind words on my jewelry tree--I have a hard time finding those old wood panels--I really need to make a trip in the northern direction as soon as the weather breaks--is Burlington market good for architectural? I think I will try to make it to the first one of the season, and some of the other ones up there.

    Have fun with your decorating!! You sure have an incredible home to work with, and you have fabulous taste--I love all your vintage pieces!!

  5. Fantastic home you have! I love the color in your bedroom. Thanks for dropping by my blog and becoming a follower:) Can't wait to sift through the rest of your blog!

  6. I love your home! You're making me homesick! I'm a Tennessean myself...where do you live in TN? We're trying to head back that way if our house ever sells! Love your blog...just found and am now going to follow it! ~Destiny


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