Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Master bedroom Before

It is time for a bedroom redo.  I have the same cranston plaid curtains from when we moved in over 10 years ago, same white walls, same federal blue woodwork, same furniture arrangement.  There have been so many things that needed updates or complete reconstruction on our farm, that redecorating has taken a backburner for the master bedroom.  You know, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".   Well, it's finally broke, and I can't take it any more!  I have some ideas, but if you have any suggestions, I am open to new input.
I want to paint all my woodwork and fireplace white.  I hesitate to paint the closet doors because they are grainpainted.

The corner cupboard is going and so is the rug.


  1. Hi Carrell! What a beautiful room to work with! I love the idea of painting the woodwork white. My favorite wall color is light chocolate milkshake, which would blend with the beautiful wood floors, doors, bed, and ceiling fan. Maybe sheer white tone-on-tone curtain panels (or white w/light brown designs) and a neutral-ish rug, then the furniture and accessories will really pop, and add the the color (but I'm no decorator, and I love neutrals!) and I would have to work in an old architectural piece somewhere, of course!

    Hope you are enjoying the Fall in TN! I bet it is beautiful! The leaves are turning here--it should be a gorgeous weekend! (I start a new job Monday--hope I have time to keep creating and blogging!)

  2. Oh, it looks very charming the way it is Carrell, but I do understand change. Change is a good thing and it stimulates the mind for creation. I hope everything works out for you and looking forward seeing the New bedroom. How fortunate you are to have a fireplace in there too and have wonderful pieces to work with. Have Fun!!

    Enjoy your Weekend*

  3. What a beautiful room!
    You certainly do have a gorgeous canvas to work with there. :-)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Such a beautiful room! I like the idea of all the trim and fireplace painted white. I'm sure it will look great when you get it all finished. Thanks for the sweet comments on our new store.


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