Friday, October 1, 2010

Back from Springfield

The Springfield, OH Extravaganza was bigger and better than ever.  The extrordinary show began on Thursday with a line up of trucks and trailers, cars, vans and vehicles of all sorts.  The wind was gusting up to 50 mph, and the threatening sky lead to a tornado warning!  While we were in line, my husband came up with the idea that I should ride the bike up to our spot and figure how we should park our 30' trailer.  So off I  went, only to get there just in time for a cloud burst, with the wind whipping the torrencial rain.  I ran to the nearest tree (there was no other place to run to), and backed up to it on the downside of the rain. I managed to only get wet, not soaked.  My husband later told me it never rained at the truck, but he could see a wall of water over the show grounds.  That is when we learned of the tornado warning!  We heard an announcement that the warning was lifted while we were working on our setup!  Thankfully, the rain ended, the wind died  by Friday morning allowing us to set up our tents, and by the end of the day, we were in business. 

Cute little cottage home in Syracuse, IN near Lake Wawasee.
View of Lake Webster from our dinner table on our anniversary outing.

Backing up a little though, we began our week with a visit with our son and daughter-in-law (who has the new antique shop in Indy), where we enjoyed a couple of days with our grandsons before heading north toward Shipshewana, IN.  We spent 3 days at our son's and daughter-in-law's cabin on Lake Wawasee, each day roaming for more antiques, evenings sitting on the shore, visits to our favorite shoreside dining, and finishing our final day at the Shipshewanna auction.  What fun that is; 6 to 8 auctioneers all going at the same time, moving booth to booth.  We had some great finds there, then loaded our truck Beverly Hillbilly style, and headed for our annual lunch of homestyle cusine at the Dutchman's restaurant.  We always crack up at ourselves when we pull into the parking lot with antiques piled high and tied on from every angle.  We later transfered our load to our trailer parked back at the cabin.  Oh the fun of being a junker!

The following are a few pictures of the journey from Indianapolis to northern Indiana before heading to Springfield, Ohio where the antique show was held.
Roung barn on the way to Lake Wawasee.
Round barn in Nappanee, IN.
Amish farm in Shipshewana, IN.
Charming little primitives shop in Pierceton, IN
Founder, owner and shopkeeper Sara was so very creative, not only with her wonderful displays, but also with the decor of the shop.  She had handpainted large murals on her painted floors. The entire shop was a study of her artistic skills.  We were so glad we stopped.  I wished I had brought my camera in because my Blackberry camera is not taking good pictures.

Lunch at Pie Eyed Peteys on Lake Tippecanoe.  I loved this shell topped table on the patio.
Then on to the auction house at Napanee which is a smaller auction than the Shipshewana auction, but often has a good find or two.

After all the travel, we finally made it to Springfield, Ohio, where we set up our wears.  Next to us was this lovely young couple and their daughter.  They raised home-grown pumpkins of every shape and color as well as flowers and herbs which they brought to sell.

I didn't get to do much walking around because we were  busy at our own booth, but I did manage to take a few cell phone pix of other booths.

My blue swirl graniteware looked great in this old white cabinet.  Most of the graniteware came home with us but the cabinet did not.  Although not a good picture, the pale blue "post" leaning against the cabinet is actually an 1800's water pump with old blue milk paint and pinstrip Pennsylvania Dutch style red and yellow detailing on the sides.  It is a find from a TN auction, not far from our home.  The pump even has additional sections of octaginal wood pipe that fit into the well.

We bought this antique jelly cupboard in Indiana.  I loved the style with the cut bottom.  It sold and I almost didn't want to see it go!

Most of these items sold by the end of the show.

A few of my quilts I had on display. 

By the final day our tent was appearing almost empty.  Good problem!
A few of my graniteware coffee pots in our booth.

It was a wonderful week with my hubby, doing what we love the most, traveling, antique hunting, and just having time together. 

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  1. I learned to ski on Lake Tippycanoe and spent many summers at church camp on Lake Webster. Your post made me a bit homesick! I've got to get back there someday soon!


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