Friday, August 13, 2010

A Visit to my Antique Shed

These old glasses just catch my eye. This picket fence pattern is especially sweet. Wish I could find 5 or 6 more of these!
While doing some work in my antique shed this week, I decided to pull some things out and take pictures for lising items on my website and ebay. My shed is full, and I could photograph many more items, but this is all I could get done before the heat of the day set in. As many of you know, the heat wave that continues over most of the eastern US is still hanging on in Tennessee. We have been hitting the 90's by noon, and without air, my building is sweltering.
I love this old vintage cookie jar. It has a tiny chip on the underside of the rim, but otherwise it perfect with great graphics. I still call it a cookie jar, but I think it was actually called a cracker jar. I will have to look it up in my book and report back. I have had the little yellow USA pitcher for years, using it in my own decor room to room. When we finally remodeled our sunporch, I took it to the antique shed where it has been for the past 3 years.

Love the duck on the cookie jar.

This was a watercolor I did years ago of some pink daisies, I suppose it was echinacea from my garden. I have not been painting as much since we moved to TN, but this year I am beginning to pick it back up. Later I will show you an oil now in the making.

Miniature portrait of Rascal, Jack Russell, in watercolor.

Lead crystal pitcher I just sold on ebay.

The yellow pitcher from my sunroom.

I found this stool at a sale. My plans are to recover it in vintage fabric. Paint or not paint the feet white?

I love these white ironstone Hall nesting bowls. The pattern on them is a holly sprig. At first I thought they were transferware, but I believe they may be vintage decals. I can't find a pattern of holly on Hall bowls anywhere.

This is a great OLD sewing rocker. It was handmade probably in late 1800's. The finials on the top are hand carved, and the rockers are mortise and tenon and fastend with hand-wrought nuts and bolts. It sits very low like typical antique rockers.

I love old teapots too. This one is old English redware. It has a chigger though; the lid has a bite out of it. It could be repaired, but does take away some value.

Enamelware coffee carrier is still in good shape except for a couple of chips. These were used to carry coffee like a thermos, only it didn't stay hot as long.

This is one of my favorite collectibles, graniteware. Chrysolite, this green swirl color is highly sought after. I forgot to photograph it with the lid, but it is quite nice. I have a healthy collection of blue swirl, robins egg and cobalt.


  1. Hi Carrell! You have listed some beautiful treasures from your stash! I love the cracker jar and glass with picket fence!! Thanks for sending the flea market link....and I have always wanted to go to the Springfield show....I'm going to look it up and check the dates. (My new booth is in a very busy mall, and already I'm doing pretty good in sales.... thank heaven 'cuz my husband got laid off Friday--our lives are about to change dramatically, but when you trust in God it always works out!)

  2. You have a lot of neat stuff Carrell, and you mention Ebay. I was wondering how well do you do there? I really need to sell my stuff so I can have it cleared out somewhat. I wouldn't mind for somebody to make and offer or even trade for that matter. How much did you sell your Crystal pitcher, if you don't mind me asking?

    Hope your Day is going Great*


  3. I greatly appreciate that...thank you so much!! You are SO sweet! (and SO talented--I love your watercolors!)


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