Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Antique Shop in Indianapolis!!!

Vintage tableclothes hang on an old wood ladder.
Check out this beautiful stained glass eagle made by an Indiana artist.
Antique beer crate stacked with vintage coolers in the "man cave".
Original artwork, old metal toys, musical instruments, and even a great vintage boat motor are other mancave items.
This old lobster trap makes a great display piece.
Last Monday, my daughter-in-law opened a new antique shop in Indianapolis, IN.  The name of the shop is Keystone Antiques and More, located at Keystone and 71st streets.  It is not a huge mall, but a charming 2-room shop crammed packed with wonderful finds from all over the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  Her first week of business was great, but don't think you have missed your chance on the best items. She has a stock reserve to draw from, and replenishes daily!  She covers many periods of antiques and vintage furniture, glassware,quilts, hunting and fishing items, jewelry, and much more.  Don't miss this nostalgic shop if you are in her area.
Don't look past the great assortment of old fishing lures, poles, and hunting and cabin decor.  The little mancave room will take you back to your childhood trips to the lake!

I fell in love with this red metal file box with it's original contents of boat numbers.  Wonderful condition and a sure collectible. 

These charming vintage chairs and table left on the opening day, but don't be dismayed, they have been replaced with and equally great pair.

Does anyone know any of the Gregg family from Indiana?  This banner sized old photograph is the Gregg Family, some mounted on horseback, in front of their barn in Indianapolis.  I couldn't help but stand in front of it and study the family members.  It is a wonderful picture.  Wouldn't it be great in a cabin or family room?

Love, love, love the old quilts and tops.  Gorgeous work.

This great table is really a folk art piece.  It was designed by an artist who put various table pieces together many years ago to create this one-of-a-kind piece which he handpainted.
No party room would be complete without this hanging lamp with the Budwieser Clydesdales circling inside. 

Cottage chic eat your heart out, this little antique wicker vanity is still in perfect condition, and has a glass knob on the drawer.  The ball and claw piano stool was also a great find. 


  1. good morning. Thanks so much for stopping by and your comments were so sweet. ")

    The bundles of paper you were inquiring about are just old paperback books. I have a book fetish. I have them everywhere in all the vignettes both at the store and at home. Old ones mostly the late 1800s are my fav but if I can't get enough of those I take new ones and make them look old.... hence the paperbacks without covers wrapped in twine.

    tata ~L

  2. Her shop looks fantastic, just the sort of place I could seriously drop a lot of change in!

    Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comments, so nice to meet you!



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