Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Giant Oak Tree

When three of my grandsons where visiting over Christmas break, we all went out on the farm hiking, fishing in the creek, riding in the suvs, and just galavanting around. This lone oak tree sits on a hill way out in the pasture and well back toward the woods. We all joined hands around the oak so we could take a picture to show just how large it really is. Then I had the idea to put 7 year old Jack up on the first limb(with my husband's help of course). At that, 10 year old Adam and 14 year old Nick couldn't stand it. My husband popped Adam up there, boot in hand, then Nick climbed up the backside, and they all found a spot in the tree for another photo. I don't know how old this tree is, but we all agreed it had seen many seasons, lots of wildlife, and probably numerous children in it's branches.


  1. I love these pictures! And this tree is on your property? How wonderful! ~Mindy

  2. Hi Carrell, thank you for your notes on my blog--I have been so busy! I am taking medical assist. in school--it will take 1+1/2 years to complete, but I do hope to keep the booth, which continues to do well, even though I have no time to get anything new in it. The amount of time I need to be reading textbooks (many hours a day) is giving me some major problems with my eyes--hope I can work that one out! Probably now won't be able to get up to your show--darn it!!! I know it will be great! I will look forward to seeing your blog pictures though. I love the tree in your pictures! You live in paradise, girl!!!

  3. What lucky grand-children you have to be able to gallavant on your property. We feel the same way only we live so far from ours she doesn't get ot gallivant as much as I'd like. Your painting of hubby and dogs is gorgeous. How blessed you are with such talent. My husband paints too but he has just bought some canvases and plans to paint a picture of our golden retriever just as soon as I can take a million photos of him. :) Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. Sorry about the pipes. What a major pain.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so in love with this old oak tree. Just imagine what has happened in the world, all around this tree, and yet it still stands strong. Amazing.


  5. Great photograph. Really amazing. I just don't know how you accomplished this. It looks so difficult. What a memory keeper.
    Have fun whatever you do.
    With all wishes.

  6. these pictures are great! they caught my attention and i continued reading down the page to see that youre pretty much my neighbor. :] im in middle tn, about 35 minutes north of nashville. i would love to know more about the tailgate there anywhere i can read more?

  7. Carrell, I just read Theresa's blog she wrote for TOT. Sounds like they got it bad in Ky. Makes our storm look like nothing. Hope you get the generator to your daughter with no problems. Our prayers are with you all up there.

  8. What a wonderful blog you have! Really enjoyed my visit! ~Maryjane


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