Sunday, June 10, 2012

Business Expo and Home for Sale!!!

 Tuesday, our Chamber of Commerce held a business Expo which I participated in.  Even though I have spent this entire Spring preparing our home to sell, I still mustered some evenings to work on some jewelry and put a little showing together.  I was only able to get pictures of my own booth because I was by myself, with no relief person.  I enjoyed incorporating some of my antiques as props in my booth. 

 I sold several of my vintage necklaces with keys and coins and other old pieces.  Also several stone rings and hammered copper necklaces with stamping were hits. 
 I had an old wagon wheel and a footstool metal base which I combined to make use for a necklace display. 

 Old books also make good display props especially for sterling and turquoise.
 I just got this little camelback trunk, and was so pleased to use it in the booth.
 Another book on an easel made hanging earrings a breeze, and an antique hat mold holds an agate necklace.

Altogether it was a good day, good sales, good contacts, and good weather for visitors.  I am inspired to do more metal work and get deeper into forging, but one day at a time until we get our home sold.
We are selling our 1847 carpenter gothic, a home we both love, but it is just too big, and too much grounds care.  We have our other farm with the log cabin that is screaming to be finished, so we can have a happy downsizing.  Even though that farm has more acreage, most is wooded, in pastures, and less mowing.  We have both come to the conclusion that we do not want to spend so much time maintaining two places.  We have so enjoyed living here; God has been good to us here.


  1. Hi Carrell!! Thanks for stopping by! Hope your home sale goes well--sounds like an exciting time for you guys! Still not sure about any shows this year myself! We definitely should try to stay in touch though. Best of luck with all your ventures and have a great summer!

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