Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring flowers from my garden.

I couldn't resist cutting some color to bring inside even though they may drive my husband outside! I'll try them for a day anyway. I started everything from seed over the years except the lilies and oakleaf hydryangea. This is the first bloom for the shasta daisies, but I've had echanaecia and feverfew for years. The feverfew came from my grandmother's garden, to my mother's, and to mine. I have carried it with me for 40 years, and will dig some to take with me if we ever move again. I am certain there is feverfew in heaven too.
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  1. Hi Carrell!! I wish I could see your flower photo! My computer won't show anything but the words! Hope you are having a fabulous summer....I am having so much fun with my granddaughter Kayla-- fishing and crafting and pretending up a fantasy world of our own--I love every minute of it--they grow up so fast! Have a lovely summer and stay in touch!!


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