Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas, Still Enjoying

While we await the arrival of our oldest son and family from Indianapolis, we are resting from our own trip home from southern Indiana and Kentucky.  We left home on Christmas Eve to visit our daughter and family in Kentucky, and all of us were snuggled in, when it began to snow.  We enjoyed and lovely evening with dinner and chatter, and before going to bed, 5" of new snow had fallen.  The many tall pines in the woods by their home and road were ladden with the wet snow.  It was just as sassytrash had mentioned, "icing on the cake".  After a nice Christmas morning with our grandson, on to Indiana to see my stepson and family and two children, and ending at my husband's mothers.


  1. Hi Carrell, sounds like you had such a busy and fun Christmas! I bet it was beautiful with all that snow! I hope your family has a safe journey from Indiana, and I know you will really enjoy your visit with them. We had family from Florida stay with us, and it was so much fun! Now it's back to TRYING to get my ETSY shop going! How sweet of you to mention my blog in your post!!

  2. What would Indiana and Kentucky be without snow for Christmas? Glad that you had such a wonderful Christmas time.


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