Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hawaii Visit to Maui and Grandchildren

Hana, Hawaii was gorgeous, but even more were my beautifull grandchildren I had not seen in four years. So thankful to my husband Steve, who gave me this trip for my birthday!
My son's oldest of 3 is Wylani, who is 10 and quite a good little surfer.

The shore is gorgeous no matter what direction you travel it.

Caught this lucky shot of a sea turtle off the lava cliffs in Waenapanapa State Park in Hana.

View of Venus Pool on the right, a fresh water pool that meets up to the ocean with only a black rock beach.

Our first aquaintance with Freyja, our 18mth. old granddaughter. Her mother and sister made us the leis from Plumaria blooms off the tree in their yard.

Freyja eating cookies at the beach.

a beautiful scene near my son's in Hana. First morning there we took a 2 hour walk on the shore by his home... one beautiful scene after another.

Picture from our hike.

Black sand beach with polished rocks. Loved the shapes and colors.

Same beach at Venus Pool early in the morning. It was a great place to use our cell phones for signal, then ditch them for the day!

Wylani swimming in Venus Pool.

Leila, our 7 year old grandaughter building one of her many scuptures on the beach.

Far end of Venus Pool.

Waves crashing on beach side of Venus Pool.

The cave at Venus Pool

Steve and Leila on the shore at Venus Pool while Leila gathered items for her lastest creation.

Steve enjoying the view.


  1. Hi Carrell--it was so nice to hear from cool that you got to go visit your adorable grandchildren on that beautiful island!! I would give anything to take a swim in the Venus pool....what awesome photos you took! Been doin' any painting or junkin?

  2. Hi Girl, Wow, what a nice Birthday Gift and to see your Grandkids.... you couldn't ask for anything better than that. I have never been to Hawaii, but I assure you just by looking at those photos it certainly is a heavenly place to see.

    You know I was reading your profile and you mention enjoying doing landscaping in your yard.... I can relate in a big way because I'm into as well, except we rent and I have to be careful not to spend like I would like too. I always try to get things real cheap or free and work around that. It's a challenge, but hey, it's worth created something pretty for the surrounding outside of where I live. By the way your home is Gorgeous too... loving the porch!!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me..

    Have a Wonderful Day*


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