Saturday, March 13, 2010


Granpa with the newest granddaughter, Willow

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  1. Congrats on your new granddaughter!! She is so beautiful, and what a lovely name! I know you are enjoying her!

    After my show next weekend I'm going to be doing a road trip to your state (while the entire blog world goes to TX) to go to the Nashville Market (I heard they may be closing??) and then head west to Savannah TN then south to wander the backroads down through Alabama. I'm mainly hunting for architectural bargains if you know of any good places to go. Hope the weather stays calm!
    Hope you have a beautiful spring!!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful! I cannot get over that gorgeous head of hair! I would say Grandma's gonna have much fun with hair-bows! LOL Congratulations to your entire family!

  3. Hi Carrell, I can't believe I missed your comment (I didn't take my laptop on my trip) and I was at the flea market on Friday, too!! I hate that I might have gotten to meet you!! I found the pickin' great!! We might have passed each other! I am coming back up for the April show, and going to Kentucky for a load of architectural at that time. I appreciate the link, and will investigate that next time! Thanks so much!! If you go in April, maybe we can meet!! Did you find anything good? Nancy


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