Saturday, January 30, 2010

Walking on Ice

My husband and I took a walk to the back of our farm this morning. Our 5 inches of snow here in southern Tennessee melted down to 2 or 3 inches from rain and ice last night. We now have a crust of ice which breaks through to the snow when walked on. We decided to walk to the creek on the back border, so we took some photos along the way. Our dogs accompanied us, even though the little Jack Russells could sometimes walk on top the ice, and sometimes would break through and have to climb out of each step. They are troopers and would not have stayed behind for love or money! We don't get too many of these winter storms, so we make the most of it. Besides, Kentucky is playing basketball this afternoon, and have to be back for the game. A great weekend to all of you snowed in!!!

Frozen Japaneze Maple by the coy pond.

The crepe myrtles by the front gate cries out for Spring!

This little filly does not like walking on the crusty ice.

Panama the lab and Toby work their way to the back of the farm.

The little waterfall in a runoff creek put on an extra show with the surrounding snow.
Gabby the Brittany is our athlete, and does not care what the weather, she will be there in full force. Her casual walk in the cold creek didn't bother her any more than the ice and snow.
Annie, Rascal, Depo and I took a breather by the creek too.

My hubby leading the way to the back forty.

The icey trees are even more so now, as the moisture continues to fall this afternoon.

We have to walk through the mares pasture to get to the back of the farm.
Rascal was keeping his eye on this mare who had her eye on him. I don't blame him, size for size.

The grandkid's oak. Last year I posted a picture of them all joining hands around this old giant.


  1. Wonderful pictures! I live in Middle TN and, like you, so enjoyed the snow that we got. It was much prettier yesterday before the rain hit it, but it's still lovely to look at.


  2. It is great to see you on the blog again! What beautiful winter pictures. Everything is so white and serene looking. We seem to be just getting rain and gray, dismal days here. I am so ready for spring. Hope you'all are doing great....will you do the next Tailgate show?

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos ! The snow looks lovely ..


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