Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mantles at Christmas

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Christmas around the house includes our four mantles.

This is the kitchen where we spend much of our time.

The old cupboard has a tree my daughter made

for me at least a decade age; a real treasure. It is a good

place for the handmade sheep to graze.

Candles in the entry.
The dining room mantle has the traditional southern

magnolia and sugared fruit, layed below a primitive winter print.

A group of bottle brush trees in the dining room.
Poinsettias in the foyer.
The Al and Martha room mantle.
The master bedroom mantle with portrait I did of our
horse Blue in oils.
Vintage nativity in the living room

Storing gifts in the living room awaiting the grandchildren.
Yellowware and ironstone on the livingroom shelves.
A touch of Christmas on the sunporch piesafe.

Merry Christmas

From our house to yours.

May you celebrate Jesus,

the true reason for the season.

God bless you!



  1. Your mantles and decorations are really beautiful! I can imagine how much fun you have decorating in that gorgeous house. I ended up having a pretty good show, despite it being so close to Christmas. Still hope to get to Tailgate! Hope your Christmas is wonderful! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site---I have so much enjoyed meeting you! Nancy

  2. Carrell: Thank you so much for visiting. Love all the decorating in this post. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Theresa

  3. I love the Al and Martha room mantle - simple but elegant! Also love the nativity scene. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

  4. Wow, four mantles!!!! And you have a fireplace in the kitchen? That is my ultimate dream! I am also loving the color of your Al and Martha room fireplace, can you tell me what it is? Have a very merry Christmas!

  5. Your old home is beautiful ....I love it ! Happy New Year , Sue

  6. I like to read your blog, this the fist... so next .. permit read again.. smile for you


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