Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Log Cabin Kitchen

                                                                                After a setback with a round of the flu after Christmas, it sure felt good to be back on my feet and ready to roll.  But before I could roll too far, I had to tackle my holiday aftermath kitchen!!  I love my kitchen.  When we finished our log cabin in 2013, we added a big wing on the back which is  the kitchen, laundry, hall powder room and the on-suite for the master bedroom which is one of the cabin rooms.   It was the best decision we made because it gave us a large gathering room including the dining harvest table in one end of the kitchen.   Even though it is not open concept, we do have a open doorway to the living room and another to the entry hall which makes for a good flow and  a complete circle on the first floor.

All of the windows in the kitchen/dining addition are large, almost floor to ceiling double hungs, so we can get the best of views and spring and fall breezes.  When we moved the antique cabin to our property, we stored all of the wood from a surrounding house that covered the logs at the previous owners.   We salvage and repurposed so much wood, from beams we used on the porch ceiling to shiplap siding that became all of our trim work for the entire house.   All of that old wood was sawn with blade marks which we lightly sanded and natural finished.   

Another kitchen fave is our cabinetry.  While we were checking with our local Amish community an hour away in search of wood flooring, we discovered a cabinet maker.  I love the shaker style cabinets he made, and I added glass to the uppers which he had never done.  He also had never installed a mixer lift which is a spring loaded shelf that raises my mixer out of the cabinet it is stored in. I just love it, and he thought it was a great idea too!! Our large island is also a plus because of the increased cabinetry on of which has the microwave.  Even though we downsized to the cabin when we moved here, it's the kitchen, the heart of our home that makes it real.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Log Cabin Additions

While the back porch is under construction and being added to the cabin and the kitchen addition, I am cleaning up an old dry sink to use in the guest room bath as a vanity. Today I ordered a white vessel sink to mount in one end. 
I am also doing some restoration to old chamfered doors, cleaning, light sanding, and top coating with sealer to protect the finish from modern wear and tear. My husband added a board to the bottom of the white door, which is green on the reverse side. It is up to me to match the colors and distressing to make the board appear as it belongs. Have about 10 more doors to do. 

Bottom of picture is added board. 
My husband bracing a porch post. 

One of numerous chewed spots on the dry sink. 
Dry sink had been chewed by a ground hog in our garage!  Edges and dove tail top were ragged.  I sanded, stained and touched up "old" white paint. Now it is ready to be a vanity in the log cabin bathroom. 

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Old Log Cabin

"It is taking longer than we planned", what everyone says when they are building a home.  Even though it has taken longer, we are pleased to have the rear extension under roof, windows in, doorway now cut through from the log cabin to the new kitchen, and the electricians are now wiring.  We will have one log wall in the kitchen, which is an exterior log wall.  It will be in keeping with the large kitchen dining room I have designed with the objective of using our 8 1/2 foot harvest table my husband built for me many years ago. 
The dining end of the kitchen has this large row of windows so we can see out into the woods and meadow where the deer feed.  A covered rear porch will run the full length of the house toward the meadow.  It will be an outdoor dining area, living area, and gathering place.  Construction of the porch begins this week.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Old House on my walk

This old historic house is viewed from the road as I take my evening walk.  Our new farm is farther from town, wooded, and very quiet.  We are currently working to finish our log cabin home, and hopefully move in by Fall.

BOHO Bracelet with Sterling and Turquoise

One rainy day since we moved to our new farm in March, I had the opportunity to put this Boho artisan bracelet together using sterling silver, brass filligree beads, real turquoise, red jasper and fired greek ceramic beads.  I was so glad to have a day in my little closet studio.  We have been working dilligently at our log cabin house which is coming along.  Since I am the sub-contractor, I have to been on-site most days to meet with various workers.  All the while, I have been cleaning and sealing the logs, and in the afternoons working with our builder constructing our enclosed back porch which will be our kitchen and master bath.  When the project is complete, I will have a loft studio to be creative in once again.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tiny Christmas tree

This is our tree this year. Barely 3 feet tall with white lights, this little tree has only wood painted red cardinal birds for ornaments. Set on top of an antique sugar chest in our living room, this little tree has become our only decor this Christmas.

Usually this tree is on my porch, but with packing in preparation to move to our tiny hunting cabin, Christmas decorating has had to take a back seat. As much as I love Christmas, it is still a joy because we finally have a contract on our historic home. We are praying every day that the sale will be finalized soon. I am so glad for this, but even more to celebrate the birthday of our King! I pray my next post will be from our little cabin in the hollow!  From there we will complete the log cabin we started years ago, which will be our next permanent home, just uphill from the hunting cabin.  Blessings to all for a joyful Christmas!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our final Thanksgiving at our old southern Tennessee home was celebrated my daughter and her husband. As we await the buyer of our home to come forth, we thank the Lord each day for all the blessings we have enjoyed at our home and farm.  More than any, we celebrate the love and joy of our Lord, who blessed us more than we deserve. 

 As we move on to what we know as God's plan for us, I invite you to visit my new blog Hannah Gap Inspirations, reflections of God's love as we move to our country farm to complete our rustic log cabin we will soon call home.  This new blog will contain inspirational messages and Bible teachings from a Spirit-filled perspective of the Word, as we work to complete our cabin home and create a new life on Hannah Gap.  Join me on our journey, and see a sneek preview of the cabin where we left off five years ago.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!